Marple & District

Retaining Wall
Jan 2018

A retaining wall on the Seven Stile site had become the subject of some concern
as the path above was starting to give way and was clearly a health and safety hazard.

Our approach was to build a new wall by deep drilling for concrete posts with concrete gravel boards.
The first problem was how to make deep holes for the posts.
We wanted to drill the holes with minimal soil disturbance.
On searching the internet there was difficultly obtaining a posthole borer that would go to a sufficient depth particularly because we were working on the banking.
The solution was to order a posthole borer directly from Germany.
Purchased on the internet, it wasn't expensive but we wondered if it would arrive.
It arrived in three days. That's German efficiency for you.

We knocked down the existing wall.
It didn't take much effort to do that.

The first hole.
Drill it there said Barry.

Dropped in a post

A few more holes

It's coming together.

Paving flags re-laid

A Satisfied Feeling

A hand rail fitted